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Over the Pond...'s not my intention to bang on about politics for these fireside chats but....y'know, today is a big day for our cousins over The Pond.

After nearly 1500 days of a rambling, chaotic, hate-filled, delusional self-obsessed excuse for a presidency, the Orange One is finally on his way. (Sorry, did I just give away a somewhat partisan attitude to these proceedings?) If I was an American citizen and I had to share a fire with both Trump and Biden, the choice is easy. "Hey Joe, chuck that log on the fire and crack open another beer. Hey, Trump, don't you EVER stop talking about yourself?"

Biden and his gracious wife Jill will be moving in to the White House today, an establishment painted the darkest shade of black by its predecessor. The last days of the Crown Prince of Losers were notable for his sulky silence, staff walking out with White House property and the president covertly offering pardons for cash, all of this entirely in keeping with Trump's character or lack thereof.

Biden keeps talking of unifying the country. Having the two senior Senate Republicans join him for mass, then breakfast, was a fine start but he has a mountain to climb. The bias and prejudice reflected by US news agencies, the overturning of fairness rules under Reagan and the explosion of outlets on social media along with a widespread distrust of government institutions and the perpetuation of conspiracy theories from the country's supposed leader has created a maelstrom of antagonism, bitterness and an obsession with believing anything that will justify people's innate fears and insecurities or prejudice.

The mob which assaulted Capitol Hill and the alt-right isn't interested in any form of unity. They feel they've been wronged and convince themselves they're true American patriots with Jesus on their side. (NOTE: soldiers of the Third Reich wore belt buckles imprinted 'Gott Mit Uns' - God is with Us). Joe Biden wants to build bridges with the majority of Republicans who are convinced he is not a legitimate leader of their country. These are people who don't know how to play nicely. So, with the greatest of respect, all I can say is: "Good luck, Mr President, you're gonna need it."

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