• Jonathan Shayfer

Shayfer's Fire - Spring has sprung?

We've been waiting a long time for Spring. The bleakness of winter combined with the seemingly unending length of Lockdown has made us desperate for warmth and colour.

Walking the empty streets in the coldness of January, I dreamed of ambling through forests or meadows bursting with flowers. I imagined the warm Spring sunshine on my face, awaiting the heat of summer and long days and lazy evenings at dusk.

Sadly, apart from a few great days of promise, the weather has been pretty damn foul. Most of April just adamantly refused to succumb to the season. May is looking just as unwelcoming. The sheer cold of winter (I'm wearing a fleece), howling winds and sheets of rain remind me of this country's temperament. My father used to say we don't have a climate in this country, just weather. He was right.

Unfortunately, if we wish to go out with friends we are still obliged to sit outside pubs and cafes in our winter clothes, blankets and even, so I hear, hot water bottles. Sometimes, like last year, it's just a matter of luck with that wonderful summer to compensate for the trifling matter of a global pandemic.

Still hoping, still yearning for the gift of the season I feel we so richly deserve.

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