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Going viral

So, 2020 seemed to be The Year of Living Dangerously and 2021, after the inevitable January Blues was going to get better and we'd all end up happily vaccinated and normal service would be resumed and we'd live our lives again forever and ever Amen.

'Cept that variants and the damned virus developing a mind of its own and uncertainties about universal effectiveness of the vaccine has caused a fair bit of doubt.

It's certainly a time for a bit of reflection. We've almost taken for granted how the world was transformed, reshaped, diminished, choked and downsized by a virus. Who knew how many facets of our lives would be changed when the plague hit town?

The pandemic became a microscope, carefully scrutinizing the best and worst of humanity. We became greedy, selfish, ill tempered, delusional, aggressive, taciturn, suspicious and grasping.

We also became generous, giving, resourceful, creative, community minded, brave, noble and selfless.

Some of us saw an opportunity to thrive, make a little cash, learn a new skill, develop some self growth, make new friends, re-acquaint with neighbours, form groups of kindred spirits, discover the world anew.

And some just went quietly mad.

We are human in all our crazy merry-making, utterly stupid, self-entitled, tear jerking mess of tangled emotions - and we will survive.

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