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Welcome to Shayfer's Fire!

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Come, find a space. Don't sit too near or the sparks'll get you. What're you drinking? The night's drawing in, let's talk by the warmth of the fire.

There are stories to tell, stories from times past of courage and cleverness, of villains getting their just desserts, of brave woman warriors and loyal hounds and first-class idiots.

There are personal tales from a life well-lived, breaking into Stonehenge dressed as Jimi Hendrix, walking ancestral lands, beating Death at chess seven times and strange encounters with Lakota Elders, samurai golfers, hippie philosophers, Lebanese sirens, talkative spirits, owls and falcons.

And I'll be chatting about the stuff of life and putting this big, bad ol' crazy world to rights without cramming 'ologies' and 'isms' down your throat while keeping a smile on my face.

They say it's a cardinal rule to keep a blog down to one single theme but the trouble is, I've not much time for cardinals or rules. Just make yourself comfortable by Shayfer's fire and let's shoot the breeze.....

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