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JONATHAN SHAYFER:  scribe, bard, warbler, lensman, artist, treefella, pyromancer, wayfarer, storyteller, dreamer, jester.

When God was doing the shifting and sorting for all the other babies born on my birthday, he seems to have decided that I was destined to be some sort of Bohemian. I have endeavoured, in many ways, to fulfil that promise.

These hands have captured images from some extraordinary places, created flowing verse straight from a progressive soul, crafted works of art from a fevered imagination where pure talent struggled to match it.

We are, naturally, the sum of our experiences. I have travelled, indulged, tuned in, tripped out, created and destroyed, loved and lost, risen then fallen, endured and enjoyed whatever this crazy complex world has to throw at me and embraced the best of our short existence on this good earth.

Jonathan Shayfer

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